Mobile Wash Unit – MW5000 FAQ

Q - How much water is recycled?
A – 96-99% of the water is reclaimed on the MW5000


Q – Can the unit be driven down the road legally?
A – Only if you add a slow moving vehicle sign or a follow vehicle


Q – How fast does the unit go?
A – 5 miles per hour


Q – What is the engine Size?
A – 33.5 hp diesel


Q – What is the warranty?
A – 1 year


Q – How many 53’ trailers can I wash before needing to refill the water?
A – The MW5000 can wash 15-20 trailers on one load of water, and the MW4000 can wash 5-8 trailers on one load of water


Q – How long does it take to refill the tanks with a standard garden hose?
A – Unknown as it is totally dependent on your water pressure


Q – What other equipment is typically washed besides a semi-trailer?
A – Buses, campers, trains, walls, houses, buildings,


Q – How do I wash the underside of the trailer?
A – The MW series units come with a pressure washer wand that is used to clean the underside, the tires, the insides of a van trailer, etc.


Q – Can the unit be used in temps under 32 degrees Fahrenheit?
A – Yes but only if a solution is added the water such as a windshield washer type fluid


Q – Does the cab have heat and/or A/C?
A – No it does not


Q – How big is the fuel tank?
A – 15 gallons. (for the hot water option there is an additional 9 gallon tank)


Q – What is the weight of the unit?
A – Dry weight is 4,475lbs

  • 33.5 HP Diesel Engine
  • 230-gal. Fresh Water Tank
  • 10' Rotating Wash Brush
    • Position Adjustable Brush
    • Reversing Spin Brush
  • [2] Chemical Tanks
  • 90° Steering (4-wheels)
  • Detailing Wand with Hose Reel
  • Rail Wash System
  • Operating Lights
  • Fully Enclosed Cab (w/door)
  • Air Circulation Cab Fan
  • Water Reuse System
    • Catch Basin
    • 125-gal. Reclaimed Water Tank
    • Water Filter System
  • Hot Water
  • Brush Power Pivot
  • Gas Engine
  • EU Export Package